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As a Cybersecurity Architect with two decades of experience in the technology industry, I utilize my expertise to assist clients in accomplishing their business goals and technical requirements. I collaborate with a diverse range of clients, spanning various sectors such as enterprises of all scales, state and local governments, healthcare institutions, and educational establishments. Together, we craft cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions that encompass both their private and public cloud infrastructures.

My primary strengths lie in formulating effective cybersecurity technology roadmaps that align with the relevant control frameworks. By employing corresponding reference architectures, I am capable of assessing the strengths and weaknesses of a client’s existing cybersecurity program and offering recommendations to ensure their readiness for the ever-expanding cybersecurity landscape.

I possess a wealth of knowledge in cybersecurity standards, architectures, frameworks, solutions, and cybersecurity best practices. Additionally, I have extensive experience in the design and deployment of global networks integrated with comprehensive cybersecurity solutions.

For the last 8 years, I have been Cybersecurity Solutions Architect with Aqueduct Technlogies and for the last five years, I have concentrated my educational pursuits on areas such as Identity Access and Management with Role Based Access Controls, Intent-Based Networking, Software-Defined Networks, Cybersecurity Risk Intelligence, and Crisis Management Incident Response implementations. My objective is to deliver a cohesive and successful experience for all stakeholders within an organization, ensuring a seamless technological transformation.

Besides hosting and being a guest on several podcast,  I love speaking and teaching about Cybersecurity Awareness and Social Engineering Risk Reduction. I host Threat Hunting Workshops and Capture the Flag (CTF) events and most importantly, I feel its important to support local STEM programs and Women in Tech Collaboratives.


Rick is one of the brightest individuals I have ever met. He brings the necessary skill set to efficiently and effectively carry out the consultative position. One of Rick's greatest characteristics is the ability to communicate with the customer. He has the ability to explain a technically heavy solution to a non-technical person in layman's terms